The “Secret” Strategy of the Campaign, and other tidbits

December 13, 2007 at 2:58 am (Uncategorized)

This is the Pentacrest, the heart of the University of Iowa, and what used to be the capital of the state of Iowa.  As you can see the entire campus has been iced over.  It’s so bad that classes were actually cancelled.  At KU and Northwest Missouri State, finals were cancelled on Monday.  Winters in Iowa are bad, so bad that I’m betting some of the students the campaign brought in from Texas aren’t going to be prepared for it.  You heard me right, some of the University of Iowa students are taking in a group of out of state students that the official campaign is paying to promote Paul on the ground.  1,000,000 people are without power as I type this because of the ice storms.  This kind of stuff is good for us Ron Paul supporters, what other campaign is willing to go through this kinda crap to caucus?  If we end up with this on caucus day, we will place top 2 no problem.

Now on to the “secret” strategy. I never realized how lucky us Iowans were until the official campaign made a stop at one of our little get-togethers.  At this get together they revealed to us their exact plan of attack.  I want you assure everyone that they have everything under control, and that all of the people panicking are wasting their time.  They have a simple, direct plan of attack that is so effective in it’s simplicity that the MSM will be running circles trying to figure out exactly what happened.  They are going to willingly help us and not realize it.  I can’t reveal to you guys what it is because I have no been given express permission to do so, but there is a plan, and it is awesome in its simplicity.

There are also worries about what is going on with the blimp.  Delay after delay after delay have caused people to start panicking and wanting their money back..the whole thing is in jeopardy at this point if they don’t make it to the Tea Party.  I’m not going to say they will or won’t make it, but if they do it will be like “Blue” in “Old School”, and be “Glorious!”  It’s really going to be a photo finish, we need to cheer them on until we know what exactly is going on.  For the record, they are waiting for the other “decal” to come in the mail, there have been delays in getting it. This awesome picture of the blimp with one side done should hold you guys over : 


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President Bill Clinton at the IMU

December 11, 2007 at 4:37 am (Uncategorized)

I just got back from a speech by Bill Clinton at the IMU. The sad thing was that Hillary wasn’t able to be there. Apparently she has such a negative impact in person that she has to send her husband to talk for her.

It was a total waste of time, he ended up spending his time trying to spin socialism into capitalism when people asked him about the environment. What he basically said was that replacing incandescents with flourescents will save money in the long run and save the environment. All I could think of was how he spent the whole time trying to make it seem like the free market caused all of our problems and then proposed an idea that was to basically just let the free market forces work themselves out.

The rest of it was a bunch of feel-good b^lls&it, nothing of substance. I can see why no one wants to caucus for her, her campaign has no passion. On top of that, they didn’t address any real issues, like the war (surprise!) and HR1955/S1959 (the “thought crimes” bill). I love the fact that they failed us on the war so much that even though it’s still our #1 issue, they marginalize it and ignore it when they actually are face to face with us.

The really interesting part of the night was when a protester got up in a robot suit and said he wanted Bill Clinton to apologize for slandering “Sister Souljah”, whoever the hell that is. You should have seen the look on the secret services’ face.

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What to expect from this blog

December 10, 2007 at 8:14 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I’m using this blog to let you guys outside Iowa (and inside in some cases) know what’s going on here in the first primary state.

You’ll get history, photos, events, and opinions on what exactly is happening.

I already have something lined up for the first few blogs, so tell your friends about me, you’ll learn a great deal from this blog that you would have never known otherwise.

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