President Bill Clinton at the IMU

December 11, 2007 at 4:37 am (Uncategorized)

I just got back from a speech by Bill Clinton at the IMU. The sad thing was that Hillary wasn’t able to be there. Apparently she has such a negative impact in person that she has to send her husband to talk for her.

It was a total waste of time, he ended up spending his time trying to spin socialism into capitalism when people asked him about the environment. What he basically said was that replacing incandescents with flourescents will save money in the long run and save the environment. All I could think of was how he spent the whole time trying to make it seem like the free market caused all of our problems and then proposed an idea that was to basically just let the free market forces work themselves out.

The rest of it was a bunch of feel-good b^lls&it, nothing of substance. I can see why no one wants to caucus for her, her campaign has no passion. On top of that, they didn’t address any real issues, like the war (surprise!) and HR1955/S1959 (the “thought crimes” bill). I love the fact that they failed us on the war so much that even though it’s still our #1 issue, they marginalize it and ignore it when they actually are face to face with us.

The really interesting part of the night was when a protester got up in a robot suit and said he wanted Bill Clinton to apologize for slandering “Sister Souljah”, whoever the hell that is. You should have seen the look on the secret services’ face.


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